First class Golden Circle with lunch at a local farm and Secret Lagoon

22.900 ISK

Golden Circle has probably the most spectacular sights of all Iceland. There is a reason for its name. All the best places in Iceland gathered in one circle. Historical places, spectacular nature sights, bathe in a secret lagoon in pure Icelandic nature, visiting Icelandic farm, meet a really strange but awesome local Viking, taste Icelandic delicacies and drinks.

Reykjavik Outventure is a small family owned operator with huge heart which creates high quality experiences for tourists. We specialise in small group tours with personal experience, where the guests get to taste things and visit places they would usually not do except with a local guide.
Reykjavik Outventure’s team consists of experienced local guides who are here to make your days the best possible.
Come and join us on this 9 hour day tour from Reykjavik. Visit all the gems, learn & taste how Icelanders survived for centuries on this isolated island by tasting authentic homemade food made by local farmers. Soak in Icelands oldest geothermal pool and make new friends. The best thing about this tour is it always gets better with every location you visit

Tour Description

Your guide will pick you up at a hotel, guesthouse or a close bus stop in Reykjavik(see bus stops here) and after you will head on this awesome journey.

Thingvellir national park is the first stop. This is where we got our independence, this is where we took Christianity, first church in Iceland was built there and this is where the 2 tectonic plates that Iceland is located on, move apart from each other. Thingvellir is not only a nature beauty, but this place is filled with historical events throughout Icelands history.

Kerið, the colourful volcanic crater is just a short drive from Thingvellir. In most of Icelands soil, we have black soil, but n this crater we have red lava. That is mainly because of oxidation during the eruption. There are several similars craters around this one with Icelands largest summer house area in Iceland around them.

While you are in Iceland, there is a “must do” to try all the authentic Iceland has to offer. You get the chance to visit an Icelandic dairy farm and enjoy what Icelanders call ,,Made in sveitin”. That means enjoy food and products which the farmers make with their own hands. One of the farmers which are 3 sisters and 1 brother, will sit down with the small group and hold a presentation. After the presenation, you will taste their home made products. For lunch they have 2 options: Beef meat soup with the beef from the farm, or mushroom soup with mushrooms from Icelands only mushroom farm. For a dessert you will get home made ice cream.

After this nice visit to these sisters farm, you will continue over to the world famous one and only Geysir. Why do I say ,,one and only”? That´s because this nature phenomena called Geyser, comes originally from this one in Iceland.

Do you know what every Icelander is proud of? The iconic Gullfoss waterfall. Standing there and marvelling at this beautiful waterfall is absolutely breathtaking. The water in this waterfall runs from Iceland second biggest glacier, Langjökull glacier.

End this tour in a perfect way. Iceland is rich of geothermal water and we have hundreds of hot springs all around Iceland. You have the chance to bathe in one of Icelands hot spring and actually, this is the oldest natural lagoon in Iceland. This is the Secret Lagoon or as we Icelanders call it, ,,Gamla Laugin”. That means the old lagoon.

If you are wondering how to dress for this activity, we always send out emails the day before how the weather is going to be. But we highly recommend bringing a rain gear to Iceland. Does not matter the time of the year. You can also rent waterproof pants and waterproof rain jacket. Just choose it in the extra when making the booking.
In winter, bring rain gear and also warm clothes, cap and gloves. You can also rent a parka for your tour.
Also remember to bring towel with you for Secret Lagoon and swim suit. Not to mention your smile

We look forward seeing you on the tour.


– Secret Lagoon

– Dairy Farm

– Gullfoss waterfall

– Thingvellir

– Kerið crater

– Geysir





10 hours


Difficulty: Easy

Best price

Age: All

No hidden costs

Tour operator: Reykjavik Outventure

What is included

Admission to the Secret Lagoon


Admission to Kerid Crater





Important information

Bring swim wear and a towel. Good walking shoes and warm clothes