Lava Flow Tour

6.900 ISK

This is a short tour that shows you the new lava from the ongoing eruption in Fagradalsfjall. The lava flow has reached lower ground, so it is now easily accessible by foot and no hiking experience is needed. You will be able to safely see the fresh lava, some of it still molten and glowing red, while some of it has already turned into black rock. You will feel the heat coming off it, and smell the burning moss from underneath. This the the youngest rock you will ever see, since it has just emerged from the Earth‘s mantle.


  • Mesmerizing lava flow
  • New landscapes being created in front of your eyes
  • Once in a lifetime experience
  • Easy walk for everyone




4 hours


Difficulty: Easy

Best price

Age: All

No hidden costs

Tour operator: Gray Line

What is included

Lava Tour
Round Trip Transport
Professional Tour Guide
Free WiFi on the Bus
Comfortable Coaches

Important information


Please note
The hike to the lava is about 15 minutes each way over uneven terrain.
We recommend to wear hiking shoes and bring wind/water repellent clothing
The tour is subject to change based on the lava flow from the eruption.