Pearl Tour – Golden Circle Super Jeep Tour & Snowmobiling

39.900 ISK

This is one of the most popular tours Iceland has to offer – and for good reason! You get to see some of Iceland’s most stunning natural attractions on the Golden Circle and top off the day with a thrilling shot of adrenaline as you zoom across a glacier on a snowmobile.

The Golden Circle is the country’s best-known tourist route. The first stop is the magnificent Þingvellir National Park, a valley that is at the heart of Icelandic history and culture. Situated on a rift between two tectonic plates, the earth is literally pulling apart, creating magnificent landscapes – tall cliffs, cascading waterfalls and a mossy lava field interspersed with deep lakes.

Next up is Gullfoss waterfall. You’ll hear it before you see it as this thundering two-tiered waterfall is a force of nature that inspires awe and wonder. Its sublime beauty is only heightened by the glistening rainbows dancing in the mist surrounding the waterfall.

Iceland is a volcanic island and you can see the effects of the geothermal heat bubbling under the surface. At the Geysir geothermal area, you’ll see steam rising from the ground and bubbling cauldrons of water and mud in every colour of the rainbow. Most notably, you’ll see erupting geysers blowing jets of hot water several metres up in the air. In fact, this is how geysers get their name!

Now it’s time for some action! Going snowmobiling on a glacier is an experience you won’t soon forget. From afar, glaciers look like unbroken fields of snow but as soon as you get up close, you realise they have a landscape all of their own, with peaks, valleys, and canyons galore! You’re in good hands with a guide who knows the glacier like the back of their hand and will lead you safely back home after your thrilling adventure.





10 hours


Difficulty: Easy

Best price

Age: Minimum 6 years

No hidden costs

What is included

Complementary pick up in Reykjavik and surrounding areas, at Hotels, guesthouses and specially marked bus stop in the city center of Reykjavik.


For the snowmobile part of the tour, we offer complementary a one peas winter suit, gloves, overshoes, helmet and a buff to use under the helmet.


Unless you book solo rider, there will be 2 passenger sharing one snowmobile.

Important information

It is avails good to have a water bottle with you and a light snack.


Make sure your phone is fully charged, and you might want to bring you charger. (batteries can drain easily during the cold winter.)


Backpacks is good to have if you need to bring something with you on the snowmobile tour. (we are unable to sore valuables at our base)


It is good to have extra socks just in case your feet might get wet.


Pleas be aware of where you leave your belongings and make sure you check all pockets on the suit before you leave the Glacier area.