Private tour to Landmannalaugar

175.000 ISK

The island of fire and ice. The island of volcanoes, Vikings, trolls, elves and glaciers. The highlands of Iceland have it all. Landmannalaugar is without a doubt the most spectacular place in Iceland. You feel like you are tripping when you are entering this place. Seeing all these colors in the landscape with glacier and water around it is just surreal.

  • See the colorful mountains
  • Hike in the volcanic highlands of Iceland
  • Explore Iceland with an experienced private local guide
  • See wavy mountains, red, black and green soil,
  • Bathe in Icelands wild hot springs

Landmannalaugar has mainly been made underneath a glacier during the big ice age which ended about 10.000 years ago. This area is mixed with all kind of landscape and soil. Everything from red, green, brown, black to blue. This area is also filled with hot water which means you can bathe in one of Icelands wild hot springs.

After being picked up from your hotel you will head on this great adventure to the highlands to fight Icelandic trolls and try to avoid being in the elves way.
The adventure actually begins way before you enter Landmannalaugar. Driving past one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, crossing rivers, driving on a mountain trail and marveling at the spectacular landscape and colors on the way.

When arriving in Landmannalaugar you can stretch your legs after the ride. Then the hike begins. You will hike over black lava, blue sand, on top of sulphur brown wave mountains that were made underneath a glacier. The hike itself takes about 4 hours and the hiking distance is between 8-10km.

After the hike you can bathe in one of Icelands wild and untouched hot springs.





11 hours


Difficulty: Moderate

Best price

Age: Minimum age 10 years

No hidden costs

Important information

Hiking shoes, extra socks, swim wear, towel and waterproof jacket.



The hike is about 4 hours and it is 8-10km long.